Split w/ Ghostchant

by Wasted Struggle

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released July 9, 2014

Wasted Struggle songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Dexter.
Ghostchant songs recorded by Laszlo Szabo @ Tonitrus, mixed and mastered by Szabolcs Fekete @ DBS Studios.
Artwork by Barber's Art www.facebook.com/barbersart

Ghostchant: Czetvitz / Nagy / Kocsis / Kósa / Jakab
Wasted Struggle: Karsay / Dobos / Horváth / Adamek



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Wasted Struggle Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Ghostchant - Ghostchant - The History That Broke us
Under the flags of our own private hells
A broken nation of liars dwells
On a past that can never be changed
Into a shape that bears the crosses of our days

Staring back
To deny
To lie
To be numb
And follow
To lie through our teeth
Shedding tears of sorrow

Chanting the anthems of our history
A generation of vultures feels sorry
About a past that can never be shaped
Into reality within these spiteful days

Staring back
To deny
To lie
To be blind
And follow

Bearing the burdens of a history
We will never really know

In the footsteps of broken histories
This dying nation won’t compromise
To shape the unshapeable
Into a form that can justify

The anger
The desperation
The hatred

All the lies that we’ve been fed
All the lies that misled
Us to paths where we deny
Our very existence
And we’re hung to dry

(With) images of a past
Like weight upon our shoulders
(With) images of a present
Where we bleed over the borders
Drawn in blood and pain
(With) images of a future
Where we take an oath to flags
And ideals of disgrace
Track Name: Wasted Struggle - Cycles
He is disillusioned with his life
More and more frustrated and paralyzed

Every day he walks the same way home

Feeling alone and abandoned

His skin is pale and grey
Has not slept for days

Storming - seeds of hate
He's all alone and withering

Blaming - blaming god

Every night he dreams about
Burning this city to the ground

Can't remember when it all began
He promised he will start again
Time, time is passing by
He will start again - start from the beginning

After a long day
He supresses hate
Crashed and crumbled
He can't live in here

He's feeling tired
It's time to release
All that breaks the cycle
Is self destruction